Property Creator

collection(selector[, properties])

  • selector - selector string to select nested elements
  • properties - optional interactor class or pojo of properties to give collection interactors

The collection() property creator actually returns a function instead of a computed property. This function can be called with an index to return an interactor for that specific element found in the list of matching scoped elements. Called without an index, an array of interactors is returned matching the found scoped elements. When a single interactor is returned, any nested actions will return the parent interactor instance. When an array is returned, each interactor is treated as a top-level interactor.

The selector argument may also be a selector function. This function will be called with the argument given to the resulting collection function and is expected to return a valid selector used to find a single scoped element. When no argument is given, the returned selector should match multiple elements to be used in the resulting interactor array.

When used nested within an assert, the returned assert chain contains a count assertion scoped to the collection selector.

import interactor, { collection } from 'interactor.js';

@interactor class FieldInteractor {
  // ...

@interactor class RadioGroupInteractor {
  items = collection('input[type="radio"]')

@interactor class FormInteractor {
  fields = collection(name => `.${name}-field`, FieldInteractor)
  choices = new RadioGroupInteractor('.radio-group')

await new FormInteractor()